What Can We Design for You?

Once the product’s task is known, design the interface first; then implement to the interface design.– Jef Raskinerface fir

We have built a team that specializes in building standards compliant websites and applications. Anything from your basic informational website announcing your presence to the world, to fully automated business management applications giving you that fine-grain control over the day-to-day operations of your business. Or the ability to sneak off to the golf course. Don’t worry though, we’re comfortable working under a non-disclosure .

 We’ve got the art of design down to a process.
  • web-developmentDiscovery

    Each project begins with intensive research into the target company, as well as their industry. We want to understand the inner workings of our clients, in order to understand their unique needs, and how we can best bring their needs to realization.

  • Visual Design

    We believe in creating unique, thoughtful designs that express all the relevant information gathered during discovery. We pay equal mind to usability, as well as building a visually appealing design that speaks to your targeted audience, while ensuring it is geared towards your industry.

  • Development

    Through out this process, we follow carefully crafted steps to ensure a the completed implementation matches the agreed upon design. The code behind the design is just as important–if not more so–than the visual interface your customers will actually see.

    By implementing every project using industry standard architectures, and sticking closely to the Software Development Life Cycle, we can ensure a tightly coded project following closely to a well defined time-line.

  • Realization

    This is where most design firms part ways. Not us. We offer technical support, documentation and training, and updates as needed. We enjoy a working relationship with all our clients providing a range of services to continually build and improve the work already completed.

    We’re always available to our clients and put forth an effort to help identify any new areas we can improve and build upon.