Voice over IP

Private Label VoIP

Affinity Partnerships offers custom branded prepaid and postpaid services for resellers. Is your company looking for a feature rich reliable platform to market hosted services under your own company name? We offer the largest list of service applications in the industry available using the same account PIN. Resellers have complete administrative web access to create, modify, manage and monitor their service and customers. Additionally, we will put you in business to lead the market with your own VoIP offerings!

PC to Phone

PC-to-Phone (Softphone) allows FREE peer-to-peer calls for Pipeline Wholesale Customers. All you need is a computer, sufficient bandwidth, and a headset (or IP device) to make unlimited calls to anyone, anytime, all the time.

Affinity Partnerships also offers US phone numbers so that your customers can receive calls right at their desktop or IP Device as an add-on option! Our service includes voicemail, caller ID, do not disturb, phone book, call history, conference calling, call forwarding, and MUCH MORE.

cisco-voipVoIP Broadband Service

Affinity Partnerships VoIP Broadband Service uses your broadband Internet connection to make and receive calls that gives your customers a low cost alternative to traditional service.

Affinity Partnerships supports multiple SIP VoIP Devices. Purchase Affinity Partnerships’ pre-configured VoIP devices or configure your own device on our network. Either way, users enjoy high quality, low cost reliable phone service.

Wholesale Carrier Services

Affinity Partnerships offers high quality global termination over a combined fiber and VoIP network. This technology ensures our customers with low cost, reliable and high quality termination. Our purchasing team works around the clock securing the best quality and rates.

We offer unparalleled performance combined with an attentive product and account management team, thereby providing our customers with dependable and low maintenance termination at affordable rates. As we meet the needs of our customers today, we stand ready and prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow.